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Nuclear fusion is a safe energy source with no danger of reactor meltdowns and does not create nuclear waste, nor does it require fossil fuels as an energy source. However this information is unclear, and the preconception around nuclear energy is preventing the research from progressing as quickly as it should be. This was my graduate degree final project, and write our own briefs.


In order to present Nuclear Fusion in a digestible way, I presented as a near future company called 'Fusion'. It is the first commercial fusion energy company, and must explain how it is different from nuclear fission, that creates the nuclear waste.

I created a short animation as an advertisement, or to be seen on the Internet, explaining fusion and introducing the company. This animation was accompanied by a website, showing the preconceptions surrounding nuclear and the benefits of fusion, and offering their service as an energy provider.

The visual language of the single line is based off the hadron collider, the machine used in the production of fusion energy, and also the hydrogen element, which is used as the fuel. It is a key element in both the animation, website and identity of the company. I animated the motiongraphic, and designed and coded the website, along with setting up the exhibition space over a course of 15 weeks

Website walkthrough

Exhibition Space

Exhibition logo close-up

Exhibition Brochure

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